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Over the years, Channoil has helped many of its clients run oil and energy training courses for their staff, so passing on our extensive knowledge of the workings of the international oil industry to the next generation of executives. It should be emphasised that our lecturers are not academics but are, rather, highly experienced communicators with a lifetime of practical day-to-day involvement in the nitty-gritty of the downstream oil and gas business.

Our courses are carefully tailored to the individual company's requirements and are conducted in a very participative way, involving the trainees in role-play in negotiations and giving them several practical exercises to undertake. The topics covered are as diverse as our client-base. They range from operational issues to the economics of oil and gas/LNG production, from shipping and refining to oil and gas trading, and from trading risk-management to coal trading.

Here are some typical examples of Channoil's work in the training field: 

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