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Malta Training Academy




Channoil inaugurates a new Energy Training Academy.

Channoil have launched a new Energy Training Academy on the sunny island of Malta.

Malta is in the centre of the Mediterranean and provides an ideal place to set up an Academy for the study of Energy related subjects.

Malta has air links with most Mediterranean countries and direct links to Dubai.

Because Malta has unparalleled facilities for hotels and logistics, it is an ideal place to learn in tranquil surroundings.

Channoil’s training background will provide experienced trainers to deliver the training courses.  Channoil  also delivers the Oil and Energy Economics module for the M.Sc. in Energy Trade and Finance at the Cass Business School, City University in London.
The courses planned for the academic year 2017 are as follows (more to be added throughout the year):

Each course will include a number of practical exercises in syndicates to reinforce understanding; generate a high energy and enjoyable learning environment and allow students from different cultures to integrate and learn how the international oil and gas markets operate.

In the Advanced Oil Trading course delegates will be given the opportunity to run an oil trading company on a simulated web based reporting system.  This game will be as true to reality as it is possible to achieve in a simulated format.

For further details and fees please email k.dibley@channoil.com

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