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Supply and trading business processes

Far East

Channoil was invited by a major oil company to carry out an independent review of a set of new business processes for handling the group's crude oil supply and products trading activities in the Asia-Pacific region. Eight countries and three refineries were involved in the new proposals.

Singapore Refining Company

This Singapore based refiner has only a small domestic market for its refinery output and so most of its production is sold into international markets. Channoil was called in to review key business processes and develop new strategies for crude oil supply and the marketing of refinery production surplus to domestic market needs and also to advise on the management of price-risk.

UAE Government Company

The company trades and markets oil products in the United Arab Emirates under its own brand name. Channoil was invited to review its supply and trading organisation. We assessed its role and capabilities and proposed the modifications needed to align more closely the company's oil trading and shipping performance with best industry practice.


In conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers in Poland, Channoil undertook a review of all business processes and the organisational structure of one of the major refiners and marketers. The review led to the introduction of a new structure for the group and the creation of a completely new function of supply-chain management. This consisted of a fully integrated approach to all activities in the supply chain, from crude selection and refinery planning to logistics and distribution, and from crude oil and products supply and trading to price-risk management.

Other projects undertaken for the company have included a major strategic review of a potential merger and a study of the market for hydrowax and straight-run naphtha.


When a major electricity generator and supplier wanted to expand its limited supply and trading activities and become a global international oil products trading company, Channoil was engaged to review its existing activities and to identify any gaps in its business process and control framework. Recommendations were then made about the action needed to fill the gaps. Channoil supply and trading experts were then brought in to provide the company's staff with the necessary guidance, documentation, training and development.

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