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Over the years, Channoil has worked with many of its clients to design and deliver oil and energy training courses for their staff, passing on our extensive knowledge of the operations of the international oil industry to the next generation of executives.

Channoil has wide experience in providing training programmes – both as public courses and for in-company use by organisations in the petroleum industry and related sectors.

Our courses are carefully tailored to the individual company’s requirements and conducted in a participative way, involving the trainees in practical exercises based on real international market situations, for delegates to work on in small syndicate groups, and where appropriate, role-play in negotiations.

The topics covered are as diverse as our client-base. They include the following:

  • Introduction to Crude Oil & Products Markets, Valuation and Trading
  • Crude Oil & Products Trading, Pricing, Refining and Economics
  • Oil Trading, Pricing and Risk Management
  • Advanced Oil Trading Workshop
  • International Oil Trading and Shipping Contracts
  • International Bunker Trading, Price Risk Management and Operations
  • International LNG Markets, Pricing, Trading and Monetisation