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Tank Storage magazine, November/December

Emerging investment themes for today’s Storage business.

Mark Waddington’s article in the latest issue of TS magazine discusses the inevitable repositioning in the tank storage sector as the decarbonisation journey accelerates and how the next ten years will be heavily influenced by regional trends, cleaner fuels, decarbonisation, and Africa.  Read more here: Tank Storage article


Biofuels International, November/December 2020

The future is bright for HVO.


Biofuels International magazine published a new article by Tom Fox, senior associate at Channoil, in the November/December issue.  In his piece on biodiesel, Tom argues the case for using renewable diesel: “If you were to forecast the next two decades in transport, the trends combine into a straightforward bullish HVO story”.  Read more here: The future is bright for HVO



Petroleum Economist, September 2020

IMO alters competing fuels’ price dynamics.

Buyers of marine fuels may need to think harder about their decision-making when considering what to put in their vessels, says Charles Daly in the second part of his article and analysis for Petroleum Economist.  Read the full article here IMO alters competing fuels pricing

(picture: Petroleum Economist)

Petroleum Economist, August 2020

IMO – the story so far …

Petroleum Economist today published an article initially produced in 2018 as a paper by Charles Daly, predicting the effect of the IMO’s new rules on sulphur content of shipping fuels, which came into force this year. Read the article to see how accurate the predictions actually were Petroleum Economist, August 2020 

(picture: Petroleum Economist)

Biofuels International, July/August 2020

The Covid-19 price effect


The biofuels industry should make a recovery as the world emerges from the pandemic, says Tom Fox, senior consultant at Channoil, writing in the latest issue of Biofuels International magazine.  “The Wuhan lockdown would become China’s largest 2020 export as one by one, major world economies began their own lockdowns.  A great pause of the world economy had begun” … read more: The Covid-19 price effect


Tank Storage magazine, June / July 2020

Covid-19 and the Oil Markets

“I remember thinking that if I strung together in the English Channel, the VLCCs waiting to discharge their cargoes, I could easily build a bridge between France and the UK” recalls Charles Daly in his latest Tank Storage magazine article in the June / July issue.  He compares the current oil crises to the Yom Kippur war of 1973 when the subsequent quadrupling in the price of oil during the first quarter of 1974 resulted in a massive scramble for oil storage capability and a huge number of floating storage tanker charters. Read the full story here Tank Storage magazine June/July 2020



Fuel Oil News, May 2020

Free oil? Not today, says Mark Waddington in his featured article in the latest issue of Fuel Oil News which looks at the reality behind the fallen demand for oil and the collapse of global fuel prices.   Mark explains why there certainly won’t be negative prices in Europe or the UK any time soon. 
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Tank Storage magazine, May 2020

How does the current situation with Covid-19 compare to Yom Kippur war of 1973? Read Charles Daly’s analysis on the effects on the global storage market in the latest edition of Tank Storage magazine, here

Petroleum Economist, April 2020

Petroleum Economist’s fascinating report ‘Oil price promises more May madness’ in the latest online issue, quotes varying opinions from industry experts.  In the article on the question of managing oversupply, Charles Daly asks “where do we put it all … on ships, in tanks and then what?” Read the full article here I

Valve World magazine, April 2020

Alternatives for carbon reduction and the impact on traditional storage.

In the current edition of Valve World magazine, Charles Daly believes we need to think of the storage terminal as an asset to be exploited in the transition to a carbon-free environment.  He suggests a number of alternative options from installing photovoltaic cells on tank roofs to using tanks for electricity storage – in batteries or cryogenic storage tanks.  Read the full article here Valve World April 2020