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Chris Brown – Downstream Oil, Commercial, Refining & Technical Specialist


Chris has spent his entire career in the petroleum industry, both in downstream operating companies and in business consultancy.  He has particular expertise in the downstream oil economics including refining, storage and distribution sectors, oil markets, trade and production analysis.  He has also acted as an expert witness on several occasions in disputes in the areas of oil product trading, storage operations and refining production and economic performance.  In the last five years he has been involved in supporting almost all refining and storage transactions in Europe, both on the buy and sell-side.


During over 28 years in consultancy, Chris has undertaken a wide range of assignments around the world in these industries, reporting at clients’ executive board and senior management level.  These have ranged from high level strategic analysis and corporate planning, industry restructuring, support to privatisation and M&A, asset and operations optimisation. Chris has direct experience working in most regions of the world including most European countries, Africa, the Middle East, Asia, the FSU, the US and Latin America.