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Dermot Campbell – Chief Operating Officer

Dermot (COO) is a trained accountant, worked as a manager with Deloittes before joining BP in South Africa. He spent 14 years with the company in roles ranging from the chief accountant, strategy and control manager, to the retail asset and engineering manager.

All this has given Dermot an excellent understanding of the downstream oil business in Africa. Alongside this, he also has extensive experience of negotiating with governments.

At BPSA he represented the oil industry on pricing structure, margin negotiations and oil industry regulation/deregulation issues.

At Channoil projects have included:

  • Govt of Zambia- lead a review of Zambia supply chain and refinery.
  • Kenya/World bank-oil leader of Oil and Gas Master plan.
  • Mozambique – lead review of product import system and tender processes.
  • Oil and Gas Hub project for Minister of Energy Egypt funded by World Bank.
  • Review and recommendations on Pricing structure and alternate sources for Botswana.
  • Feasibility study for LPG importation, bottling and distribution for Somaliland through a PPP.
  • Market studies, due diligence and financial valuations in the Mediterranean, Europe, Africa and Middle East.