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John Unsworth – Technical Fuels Expert

John has 38 years’ experience (32 with Shell, 6 with British Coal) of establishing and leading Energy & Environment-related technical projects that produce high value bringing innovation into different aspects of oil, gas and coal exploitation. He has successfully introduced many technology changes in the Fuels business end-to-end: from research to development, to manufacture at the refinery & depot, to delivery at the retail site, and marketing to the customer.

As Technical Manager for Shell’s Global Fuels marketing he managed R&D delivery to ensure a development pipeline for Retail Fuels in Shell’s markets, including formulations suitable for bio-containing fuels in Europe/Asia, and for high ethanol fuels for Brazil, USA and Scandinavia. He overcome technical obstacles to introduce a new fuel brand, Shell FuelSave (gasoline & diesel) in 2009, and refreshed formulations with new benefits for Shell V-Power Nitro+ in 2012.

Previously he identified & negotiated a Retail Business Improvement Plan for a non-Shell co. operating in Russia, delivering the Fuels project which realized significant business benefit. He is an internationally-recognised expert on fuel product quality & its impact on performance, local air quality and greenhouse gas emissions. Experienced in external stakeholder management, he has acted as a technical advocate on technical fuels matters with various government institutions in Asia, Europe & FSU.