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Tank Storage magazine, February/March 2020

Tank Storage magazine, February/March 2020

The need for alternative energy solutions

In the latest issue of Tank Storage magazine, Charles Daly explores the need for power storage, alternatives for carbon reduction and how this might impact traditional storage installations.

“Climate change is no longer deniable,” he says. “Even if the industry is sceptical, the political climate is such that we must be seen to be moving to net zero.”  Read the full article here:

Charles is a guest speaker at the forthcoming StocExpo Conference in Rotterdam on 10-12 March.  Amongst other subjects, his presentation will discuss carbon tax credits, how oil terminals will need to change in order to stay in business in the non-hydrocarbon scenario,  and looking at the future: tracking the disappearance of the HFO, diesel and gasoline tankage & leaving behind chemical feedstocks (naphtha, ethane and propane and butane).